LVL lash lifts are quick and easy procedures that give you thicker, fuller brows.

An LVL lash lift is a relatively simple process that uses a lifting balm and tint to add volume and length to natural eyelashes. The operation lasts 45 to 60 minutes and requires you to keep your eyes closed for the duration. The treatment is comfortable, and your lash therapist will discuss the process before beginning.

The procedure is performed by a trained professional and usually takes around 45 to 60 minutes. Your lashes will look longer, fuller, and thicker immediately after the treatment. You can even return to work after the procedure to show off your improved look!

Brow Lamination Post-Treatment

After a brow lamination treatment, you should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 24 hours. In addition, you should avoid tanning, sunbeds, and wax or threading products on your brows. During the day, you should not touch the treated area. Following these simple instructions, your brows should look better than ever!

If you’re interested in a quick procedure that gives you natural, fuller-looking brows, you should consider a brow lamination treatment. This procedure is more affordable than Microblading, and the results are almost instant. It is also easy to maintain and on-trend. Look up our Newport Beach LVL lash lift technician or schedule a brow lamination consultation to learn more.

Lash lift lasts for at least a month

Your lash lift may last for at least a month. It depends on the type of treatment you receive. Some treatments are permanent, while others are temporary.

Most people are good candidates for lash lifts, but some patients may be ineligible. Pregnant women should not have this procedure, and anyone with a skin condition should not undergo a lash lift. Anyone else is usually a good candidate for lash lifts.

Eyelash extensions in Newport Beach Avoiding eye makeup

Avoid using makeup before your appointment to get the most out of your new lashes. Oily or water-based products can break down the adhesive. This is why it’s best to keep them clean twice a week and to avoid pulling on them while you’re still wearing eye makeup. If you decide to wear eye makeup, you should remove it before your appointment to avoid the risk of the extensions coming off prematurely.

There are two ways to remove eye makeup after getting eyelash extensions. One method uses a soft makeup brush and soap to remove any excess makeup. It would be best if you also avoided mascara and oil-based cosmetics. The oils in these products can break down the glue bond, causing your extensions to fall out. This can lead to uneven lash growth. 

If you decide to wear eye makeup after your Newport Beach eyelash extension service, avoid using products containing saline, which can make the lash extensions fall out prematurely. Get in touch with our team today at (949) 438-2558 to learn about lash lifts and eyelash extensions for a fuller look. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure you always look your best!