Hair loss is very common, so you are not alone if you go through this. Losing your hair is not an easy thing to deal with because it can affect your confidence, and you may start to feel unhappy about your appearance, so if you notice strands of your hair falling, the following care tips may help:

  1. Eat more protein. When you don’t get enough protein daily, this can affect your hair growth, so try increasing the amount of protein you consume. Eat more beans and legumes, eggs and yogurt, which is especially important if you are vegan or a vegetarian.
  2. Take vitamins. Those with a vitamin deficiency may experience hair loss, so you should ask your doctor to perform the necessary tests. Certain vitamins can affect hair growth, and the right supplements can help maintain healthy hair. Some supplements include calcium and selenium, which are great and very effective.
  3. Consider over-the-counter hair loss medication. These are available as a solution or foam, both of which will have to be applied to your scalp, and these can be effective in helping prevent hair loss. These are also safe, so it’s worth trying this medication.
  4. Care for your scalp and hair properly. Heating tools, hair dye and bleaching, are harsh treatments that can negatively affect your hair, and even certain hairstyles like braids or ponytails can have a negative impact. Avoid harsh treatments and always keep your scalp healthy by washing it regularly.
  5. Look into low-level laser light therapy. This treatment can help with hair growth, and treatments will include wands or helmets. This type of therapy will reduce skin inflammation and initiate hair growth, although it will take time to see results, and the process can be expensive, so you have to factor this into your decision.

It’s also important to understand why your hair is falling out, as this information will lead you to the proper treatment. Stress, hormonal changes, genetics, certain hairstyles, and damaging haircare can all lead to hair loss, so try to identify the cause and speak to your doctor and hairstylist so that they are aware. They can recommend treatments and provide you with expert advice regarding the steps you need to take to prevent further hair loss. In some situations, hair loss can be a sign of a more severe problem, so it’s essential to address this issue as it can indicate that something is wrong.

Once you identify the cause, you can work on eliminating it so that your hair can start to grow back, and AKA Hair  Salons can provide you with more information. We are experts when it comes to hair and will make sure your strands are healthy so if you are interested in a new hairstyle or want to bring some life back into your hair, contact us today to schedule an appointment!