As exciting as hairstyle trends may be to experiment with, they’re often not easy or practical to maintain. With everyday, on-the-go lifestyles, there isn’t enough time to keep up with the ever-changing hair trends. Fortunately, there are some hairstyles that are so timeless and classic, you never have to worry about them going out of style or being too difficult to maintain. 

Before you head to the hairdresser for your new summer ‘do, read on to discover the four timeless, natural hairstyles you should try.

1. The Pixie 

The pixie became ubiquitous in the ‘60s when women everywhere were copying pop star Twiggy’s iconic hairstyle. What many people believed would just be a trend, turned into one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. With more modern tweaks to the pixie, women everywhere, from celebrities, moms and teens are rocking the iconic style. If you’re tired of long hair, the pixie is the perfect switch. A & O Salon’s hairstylist will add some texturizing spray and finish with a blow dry to add some volume to this sweet yet sophisticated look.

2. Straight and Sophisticated

There’s never a time or place where a sleek, straight hairstyle doesn’t look great! Straight hair presents a polished look, but can easily be toned down to suit a less formal evening event, get together with friends or day at the office. Whether you prefer to side part or middle part your straight hairstyle, it doesn’t require much maintenance or preparation time to make it perfect. Most importantly, straight hair is timeless and will never go out of date regardless of what’s popular.

3. The Bob

If you don’t want to commit to a super short pixie but want something different than sleek, long hair, the bob is a perfect alternative. Considered one of the most versatile hairstyles of all time, the bob can vary in style from person to person. One may opt to keep it choppy with layers while the other prefers a more defined, blunt chop. This cut is so versatile that any change, regardless of how small, can make a significant difference. The bob can also be altered and upgraded with current trends to suit your face shape or what is currently popular.

4. Bouncy Curls

There’s nothing more freeing and fun than a full head of glamorous, freestyle curls. A freehand cut to curls can create the perfect balance of bounce and style. This effortless, timeless hairstyle is voluminous, without looking too unkempt and wild. AKA Hair Salons will style it just right and cut it strategically to keep curls soft on the edges while remaining defined.

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