100% Natural-3 simple ingredients wax, lemon, and water

warm but never hot so less irritation and chances or burning the skin
A grain of rice length 1/4’/1/2′ desired length to achieve best results
Same effects as laser- thins out the growth of hair–if the hair is up kept every 4 weeks!

Waxing is able to extract the whole follicle of hair so never leaves the grow back itchy or prickly

Excellent for sensitive skin-mature skin.
Legs $75Inner + Outter Bikini Line Back$50
Front/ Back/ Hands Brazilian$70Bikini Line/ Front+ Back Bikini$45-$50
Front/Back/ Inner +
outter thigh/ feet Arms $55
Legs $37Arms$28
Underarms$30 Cheeks$25
Happy Trail$20-$25 Eyebrows$25
Upper lip$20