Your child’s first haircut can be a momentous event for everyone involved. But this means it can be full of either good or bad emotions. Here is a list of tips to help you and your child prepare for the big day. 

When to Cut Your Child’s Hair for the First Time

Every child is different, and there is no specific age when they need their first haircut. Some signs to look out for include:

  • If hair starts to get into your baby’s face and eyes or is bothering them on their neck
  • When baby’s sideburns start to turn into wings

How to Prepare for the First Haircut

Getting a haircut will be a brand new experience for your child, so you should be prepared in case there are tears or fears. In some cases, the parents are even more nervous about the haircut than their child is! 

To prepare for a haircut, you can start way before your baby’s appointment. You can start by taking them with you when you go to get your own haircut so that they can see what to expect, and you can also take them to the salon where they will be going a few days before their actual haircut so that the environment is one that they are familiar with when the time comes. 

Bring an extra shirt for your child in case they are too nervous about putting on the cape, and be sure to pick a time that goes well with your child’s schedule. So, for example, ensure that the haircut appointment does not coincide with their nap or snack time. 

If you end up booking an appointment at a hair salon that is not specifically for kids, then ask them which stylist is good at working with children. Many stylists don’t enjoy working with kids, so make sure you do not book your appointment with them. 

Make sure you bring lots of entertainment for your baby. This can be a book, videos to watch, or lollipops to keep them busy and distracted while they get their haircut. They are sure to make much more of a fuss if they are bored.

Even the most prepared parents and children can get a case of the first haircut jitters at their appointment. A few things that can help is avoiding the word “cut,” which can be scary for some kids. Instead, try saying words like “trim” or “style.” You can also incorporate nicknames for the hairdryer, like “wind machine” or call the hair buzzer “Mr. Tickle” so that children are not as afraid of the noise. And remember, try to relax! If you are nervous or stressed, your child can pick up on those negative emotions right away. Just be calm and reassuring, and your child’s first haircut will go swimmingly! Call us today at (949) 438-2558 if you require a child’s haircut, and our team will make sure the process goes smoothly for you and your child.