If you want to give your hair a seasonal cut, you will need to look for reputable hair salons, and you should also get an idea of the haircut you want. If you’re not sure which hairstyle to choose, the following guide will highlight the best summer haircuts for women:

Asymmetric Bob

If you want a chic haircut that is sexy and mystical, an asymmetric bob is a great option. A hairstylist will cut your hair directly on your shoulders to create a soft look that will frame your jawline. This cut will allow you to show off your best features, and eliminating weight off your shoulders will also emphasize the structure of your face and neck. 

Baby Layers

Layering has always been popular, and this summer is no exception. Layers will work with any type of hair, and whether yours is short, long, curly, thick or straight, adding layers will frame your face and add texture as well. 

Wavy Pixie

Hair salons in Newport Beach predict that a textured pixie is going to be the most popular haircut of the summer because it is hip, chic and unique. A pixie cut will provide you with a youthful appearance, and adding waves will add a whole new dimension. The texture will make this cut sexier, and you will feel light all summer long. 

Hourglass Cut

If you are looking for a body, definition and shape, this haircut is perfect and will help you achieve an effortless style. One of the main reasons why so many hair salons recommend this style is because it does well in humidity and is great for the summer. Flipped-out curls will hold well in the heat, and your hair will not get too frizzy. 

Curly Layers

Love the au-natural look? This haircut is for you! Curly layers will allow you to embrace your natural hair, which may be healthier. Adding layers to your curls will help frame your face and will provide you with a great shape. 

Pixie with Bangs

If you want to go short but not too short, this haircut is a great choice because you will have a shorter do but will still have dramatic flair thanks to the bangs. This haircut will frame your face, and you will enjoy your pixie cut all summer long. 


This is another classic haircut and is very popular because it is the perfect length for summer. If you are interested in cutting your hair but don’t want to chop it all off, a lob will provide you with a shorter cut than you’re used to, but you will still enjoy length along with an ageless appearance. 

Undone Collarbone Bob

If you’re looking for a wash-and-go style, this is it! Don’t have time to play with your hair in the heat? The undone collarbone bob is a low-maintenance cut, and you’ll be able to wash your hair, put in a leave-in cream and head out for the day!


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