Staying fresh in the summer is important, and the right haircut will help you remain cool and comfortable during the hotter months. Hair salons in Newport Beach recommend the following haircuts for men:

Long Surfer Hair

Long hair may not sound like a good idea for the summer, but this is a timeless hairstyle, and you can tie it to get it out of your face or leave it down for a sun-kissed surfer glow. This hairstyle looks good messy or neat, and you can play around with it because you’ll have length. You can tie it up high or down low, and long surfer hair is a style you can show off all summer long. This is true regardless of whether you’re at the beach or an outdoor wedding. 

High & Tight Fade

If you enjoy a traditional appearance, this haircut is for you! It’s a higher-than-high fade that contains a modern twist, and this cut will provide you with a clean look thanks to its sharply high skin fade and is a refreshing summer haircut. 

Slick Back

Men who like a rugged appearance will love this haircut because it is a classic gentleman’s haircut that continues to be popular year after year. It’s a rugged yet classy style, and it’s perfect for summer and every other season. A hair stylist will provide you with a fade and will trim the top off to about three inches, after which they will apply a solution to help achieve that slick appearance. 

Textured Crew Cut

This is a very masculine haircut that will give you options thanks to its versatility. A hairstylist can leave about four to five inches on the top and pair it with a mid-fade, and you can then either sweep it to the side or back. A higher fade will work as well, and you will have flexibility with this haircut. 

Buzz Cut Fade

Are you looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle? The buzz cut fade may be the answer. It’s a popular short haircut that is perfect for any man on the go. 

French Crop

This is considered a bolder version of the crew cut because of its volume, and you will have a fuller hairdo with this crop. You can play around with the texture and make your hair a little messier if you like. Using a little bit of product can give this hairstyle more flair. 

Short Shaggy Hair

If you have curly hair, this is a great hairstyle to have in the heat. Hair salons will say this is one of the more popular haircuts for men in the summer because it offers contrast and flow, and you will rock an edgier style. 


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