Looking to enhance your appearance? Consider eyelash extensions as a solution for stunning lashes without the hassle of mascara or falsies. While they are a great choice, it is important to take proper care to preserve their full and flawless appearance.

In order to maintain a full lash line between refills, you need to properly care for your eyelash extensions by doing the following:

1. Wash your face and keep your lashes clean: Washing your face after getting eyelash extensions is essential, even though some people may be hesitant to do so. It is a vital step in your skincare routine and helps maintain the health of your lash line. If you do not wash your lashes, oil, skin cells, makeup, and other debris can accumulate along your lash line, causing your lashes to appear dirty and clumped together. This can also lead to premature shedding of your extensions. Use a gentle makeup remover that is free of oil and alcohol, and avoid rubbing your lashes when drying them. Pat them dry gently instead.

2. Use lash-friendly makeup: While you donโ€™t need to wear mascara or eye makeup when you have lash extensions, you can if you like, but you need to choose lash extension-friendly products. Water-based eyeliners are safe for lash extension adhesive, and the process of removal is a lot easier when you use water-based eyeliners because less scrubbing is required, and a gentle cleanser will successfully remove your eyeliner.  

3. Use a lash sealant: You can choose to add an extra layer of protection to your lash extensions with a lash sealant. This will serve as a protective topcoat for your extensions and is specially designed for daily use. A lash sealant will protect and strengthen the adhesive bond between your extensions and your natural lashes.

4. Try to avoid friction and irritation: Rubbing, tugging, and itching can loosen the extension adhesive and reduce its effectiveness. To prevent this from happening, you can wear a lash-safe sleep mask or switch to a silk pillowcase. The use of lash-safe goggles is also helpful if you plan to go swimming, and these simple tips will allow you to enjoy your lash extension for longer.

5. Schedule regular refills: In order to maintain your desired look, you must fill your lash line every two weeks. Bi-weekly appointments will allow you to maintain full and beautiful lashes, and the longer you wait, the more your natural lashes are likely to shed, which will cause gaps in your lash line. Additionally, waiting too long between refills can also result in the need for a full new set which can be avoided.


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