The right haircut will make you look younger and take years off your appearance, so it’s essential to find the best haircut that will work for you.

If you’re interested in a new look and want to feel younger, the following hairstyles are some of our favourites:

Shoulder-Length Cut

This universally flattering cut will instantly make you feel younger. Many women think long hair is meant for younger girls, but this is not true, and women of all ages can have long hair if that is the hairstyle they prefer. This length, in particular, is ideal because it’s not too long, so it is easier to maintain and will make you feel young and fresh. A shoulder-length haircut will frame your face perfectly and looks great with any hair color. If you want more movement, you can add layers and play around with this hairstyle to let your personality shine.


Many people are scared of bangs, but the reality is that if they are cut properly, they can take years off your look because they add a youthful quality to any face and make it appear smaller, so it’s a hairstyle that is worth considering. The trick is to have bangs that are the perfect length because too short can take away from your appearance and accentuate your fine lines instead of hiding them. Longer bangs will cover your beautiful eyes, so you don’t want that either, and for these reasons, bangs need to be done right so that you feel fabulous!

A Bob

With this cut, your hair will sit just below your chin, and it is a very stylish and trendy hairstyle, so it will definitely make you feel younger. Removing length and weight from your hair will freshen up your appearance, and because this hairstyle frames the jawline, you will look more youthful. Bobs do not have to be just one length; you can play around with layers to create a flattering and exciting hairstyle. You can have fun with this option and put your own spin on it.

Pixie Cut

This very short hairstyle will show off your ears. Most pixie cuts will leave longer hair at the top, which can sometimes be long enough to become bangs. A pixie cut will make you look younger, bringing out your features and allowing your cheekbones and eyes to stand out. This hairstyle is fun, but you need the right hair products to style it properly, so keep that in mind.

The hairstylists at AKA Hair Salon will help you find the perfect haircut and make sure you love your appearance. Our hairdressers will ensure your hair is healthy and style it to your liking, so if you’re looking for a reputable hair salon in the Newport Beach area in California, call us at (949) 438-2558!